Imagine your OTP spooning, with person A as the big spoon and B as the little spoon. They are both almost asleep, but to be cheeky B rocks their hips back into A’s groin. A responds, and it soon escalates into them having sleepy, slow sex in the spooning position. 

TF Units of time


nanoklik = 1/8 second;
klik = 496 nanokliks/62 seconds;
breem = 8 kliks/8.27 minutes;
groon = 9 breem/1.24 hours;
joor = 6 groon/7.44 hours;
orn = 42 joor/13.02 days;
decaorn = 32 orns/1.14 years;
metacycle = 8 decaorn/9.22 years;
vorn = 9 metacycles/72 decaorn/83 years

((I notice that a lot of people have trouble with time measurements in the fandom, (which is understandable considering they’re more than a little convoluted in the TF canon), so I decided to provide my own reference for measurements of time. Granted, I don’t always follow it, slipping in and out between ‘solar-cycles’ and ‘orns’, but I’ll try to use this reference more often for the sake of consistency.

This brilliant gem of time measurement was from gatekat, an equally brilliant author of tons of TF fanfics (if you haven’t read some of their work, you should really consider doing it). It’s extremely convenient since it takes makes all the units of time relative to each other and human measurements.))

Yay my theme is acceptable again!

My tablet finally gave up the ghost and thanks to the generosity of a certain trike I’ll be receiving my new one tomorrow! There are bound to be pictures.

I will also hear about whether or not my roommates get a sweet apartment tomorrow.

Also, to those of you who wished me a happy birthday, thank you! You are too kind! I would have posted them but I didn’t want to flood my followers too badly with happy birthdays, haha.

I appreciate all of you and adore you all very much.

I want to be Sarah Stone when I grow up.

I don't know if my other one went through or not but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR~ ❤️

GAWWWW thank you!! ♥ YOU IS VAIR KIND! 




Happy birthday!! I have a quick question to ask you. I recently got my friend into Transformers, and wanted to know if you would be attending any conventions any time soon. Hope your birthday was as radical as you are!

Unfortunately the only cons I will be attending regularly are SacAnime and SacCon, but I might be trying to figure out KrakenCon if they have one in October! Otherwise I may try and attend botcon/etc in the future. If Fanime is good this year, I may start attending that one once more!

For reference, I live in Northern California.

Thank you so much, you are so kind!!

oh mygod
though it played once and I think it broke

oh mygod

though it played once and I think it broke

If it's not too late, i hope you have a fabulous birthday :)

Nah my birthday lasts all weekend when it’s on the weekend. ;P Thank you!!